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70 Mark Lane

Our partnership with the client on this major City office building has not only improved its sustainability but also set a benchmark for efficient building management.

As the M&E maintenance service provider for 70 Mark Lane, Vertex has continuously aimed to enhance operational efficiency and sustainability. A series of innovative solutions and strategic measures have led to significant environmental and operational benefits, including reduced energy consumption, decreased carbon emissions and streamlined maintenance processes.

Key challenges and solutions

  • Energy consumption analysis: Employing advanced analytics to optimise energy use, especially during periods of low occupancy.
  • Lighting upgrades: Transitioning to LED lighting to reduce electricity use and cut carbon emissions by 58%.
  • Waterless urinals: Installing water-saving fixtures that save approximately 9,000m3 of water annually.
  • Virtual plantroom viewing technology: Deploying technology to enhance the monitoring of plant equipment with colour-coded indicators, providing a clear overview of equipment status and highlighting performance issues effectively.
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