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Investment in young talent reflected in CIBSE and BESA awards shortlists

30th Apr 2024

At Vertex, we take great pride in our commitment to developing young talent, and the recent recognitions at prestigious industry awards underscore the impact of our efforts. Callum Doyle and Dan Herridge, two standout apprentices from our programme, were finalists in the CIBSE Young Engineers Award 2023, while Callum Doyle and Harvey Smith achieved similar success at the BESA awards.

Investing in future talent

Our apprenticeship programme is designed not only to provide skills and knowledge but also to foster a supportive and engaging environment where young professionals can thrive. These accolades reflect the high level of mentorship and investment we dedicate to nurturing the next generation of industry leaders.

Life as a Vertex apprentice

To give you a glimpse into the life of our apprentices, we’ve released a new video featuring a conversation between year 2 apprentice Dan Herridge and year 3 apprentice Callum Doyle. This discussion delves into Callum’s apprenticeship journey, his future aspirations and the invaluable experiences gained along the way.

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