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Advanced Fuel Farm Project

By modernising critical infrastructure with innovative technologies, we supported a prominent car manufacturer in sustaining its legacy of engine innovation well into the future.

The project involved the modernisation of the company’s research facility. Vertex designed and installed a new central fuel tank system, delivering six types of fuel to the facility’s 95 engine testing cells, and updated the fuel court and pump systems. The installation was executed without interrupting the critical testing activities, which operate 24/7 throughout the year.

We also successfully decommissioned outdated fuel tanks and associated pipework. Detailed operational and maintenance manuals were produced, and comprehensive training was delivered to the in-house maintenance team.

Key challenges and solutions

  • Full system design and compliance: Ensuring all materials and equipment met the strictest standards for fuel manufacturers and distribution regulations.
  • Advanced fuel distribution network: Installing twin 60,000-litre fuel tanks, more than 5km of stainless-steel piping, thermal insulation and leak detection systems. This network was intricately designed to maintain equal pressure at each test cell, crucial for precise testing conditions.
  • Customised control systems: Developing a bespoke Building Management System to manage pressures and fuel volumes adeptly, with the added capability of leak management. This ensured a robust, precise and responsive fuel supply chain.
  • Infrastructure enhancements: Constructing a new fuel forecourt and canopy, extending the facility’s infrastructure, and enhancing its operational efficiency and aesthetic appeal.
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